Retail Applications for any Vertical Market

CAP SellWise and CAP Cash ‘n Carry are both fully featured retail applications that fit a wide variety of store types.  Both of our retail management applications are extremely flexible and can be tailored and configured to meet the special needs of different types of retail stores.

At CAP, we understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, so we have used our years of experience in working with real world retailers to design and add features to our retail applications for specific situations that different types of retailers face.

These features can be enabled by the user to streamline day to day operations, capture critical data, and ensure regulatory compliance for certain types of businesses.

Please click on the image of your store type to see a list of key features and access a downloadable brochure with information on how we can help you with YOUR business.

If you don’t see your business type listed, don’t worry, we work with hundreds of different types of stores, just give us a call at 800-826-5009 or e-mail to get a demo and learn how we can save you time and effort in your store.

See SellWise Pro in Action!

Click to watch a video of SellWise Pro for the specialty retail market, with details on how it helps you manage contacts, inventory, reporting, vendors , purchasing, and point of sale.