Lawn & Garden Center POS

At CAP, we know lawn and garden stores have special needs, so we developed SellWise Pro to help you save time and effort tracking complex inventory items. Our lawn and garden center POS solution helps you improve customer service, reduce overhead, and increase sales.

You don’t have time to count and recount your seasonal inventory, or double-check price tags on a daily or weekly basis.  You need a good lawn and garden center POS system to manage that for you.

Our fast, easy to use point of sale interface makes selling a breeze, and it helps your cashiers avoid mistakes, ensuring you have reliable inventory reports and transaction data.

Our lawn and garden center POS also lets you set up HotKeys to easily find and sell those items that are too small to barcode properly, or hard to scan if they do have a barcode.  HotKeys let you create menu driven buttons with clear subsets and descriptions or even item pictures, to speed up sales and improve accuracy.

SellWise Pro also includes a built-in tag and label designer so you can print custom tags for your large items as well as item tags for your inventory that you get from local or boutique vendors who may not tag or barcode their plants or other items.

You can even use a tablet for mobility and check out customers right where they are and send a pick ticket to the loading dock instead of sending the customer from the tree department back up to the front to pay and wait.

The built in customer database helps you capture critical customer data to help you better know who your customers are and what they like to buy. Get detailed customer history reporting, trend analysis, VIP and loyalty tracking, and more at your fingertips.  Set up A/R terms, wholesale or installer discounts, recurring billing, and other special terms to automate these processes, so you’re not reliant on your cashier to remember.

CAP lets you manage customers, vendors, employees, and accounting at the touch of a button, leaving more time for you to spend growing your business with our innovative marketing tools.

See SellWise Pro in Action!

Click to watch a video of SellWise Pro for the specialty retail market, with details on how it helps you manage contacts, inventory, reporting, vendors , purchasing, and point of sale.

SellWise Pro Features:

  • Work order tracking for off-site jobs
  • Pick lists and delivery tracking
  • Serial number tracking for tools and equipment rentals
  • Track loose materials by units (foot, pounds, yards, etc.)
  • Recurring billing for service customers or rentals
  • Special pricing and A/R for wholesale and landscaping companies
  • Full accounts receivable and billing for contractors
  • Integrated marketing tools to help drive business
  • Custom order tracking
  • Customer purchase history and loyalty programs
  • Customizable POS interface for fast transactions
  • Powerful reporting tools to track your business
  • Secure, integrated credit, debit, gift, and loyalty card processing
  • Integrated video surveillance options
  • QuickBooks Accounting link

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