Pool & Spa POS Software

In seasonal businesses like pool stores, efficiency is everything. We developed SellWise Pro pool and spa POS software to help you save time and effort tracking inventory, so you can improve customer service, reduce overhead, and increase sales.

Our fast, easy-to-use point of sale interface makes selling a breeze, and it helps your cashiers avoid mistakes, ensuring you have reliable inventory reports and transaction data.

Use the HotKeys feature to set up easy-to-navigate menus of non-barcoded items like chemicals, pool kits, etc. HotKeys help you ring up those items faster and with fewer errors at the right price, every time.

Electronic signature capture lets you record the signature of the company driver who bought on the owner’s account, so you can always justify the expense and get your invoices paid.

Our pool and spa POS software gives you detailed customer history reporting, trend analysis, VIP and loyalty tracking, and more at your fingertips to drive sales and wow your customers.  Our powerful customer module lets you set up accounts receivable, payment terms, wholesale pricing, and other discounts ensure all of those items are handled correctly without relying on the cashier to remember the details.

CAP pool and spa POS software lets you manage customers, vendors, employees, and accounting at the touch of a button, leaving more time for you to spend growing your business with our innovative marketing tools. If you can’t beat ’em with pricing, then win customers with service and good old-fashioned know how.

See SellWise Pro in Action!

Click to watch a video of SellWise Pro for the specialty retail market, with details on how it helps you manage contacts, inventory, reporting, vendors , purchasing, and point of sale.

SellWise Pro Features:

  • Customizable POS interface for fast transactions
  • Work orders management
  • Powerful reporting tools to track your business
  • Full accounts receivable and billing for cleaning and service companies
  • Recurring billing for service customers
  • Integrated marketing tools to help drive business
  • Custom tag and label printing for easy scanning
  • Customer purchase history and loyalty programs
  • Custom order tracking
  • Secure, integrated credit, debit, gift, and loyalty card processing
  • Integrated video surveillance options
  • QuickBooks Accounting link

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