Cash ‘n Carry is our entry level POS solution aimed at smaller, simpler businesses. It includes a fast, flexible, and easy to learn point of sale interface that is directly integrated to a powerful back office management system.

You get all the powerful POS and inventory control features found in SellWise Pro without the customer database, simplifying the user interface so you can get your customers in and out as quickly as possible.

Cash ‘n Carry is great for growing businesses and fast service businesses like liquor stores, convenience stores, tourist shops, delis, and more.

Included Modules

See SellWise Pro in Action!

Click to watch a video of SellWise Pro for the specialty retail market, with details on how it helps you manage contacts, inventory, reporting, vendors , purchasing, and point of sale.

Cash ‘n Carry Speeds Up Your Front Counter With:

  • Customizable point of sale
  • Fast item lookups
  • Multi-Touch POS with custom layouts
  • Product images
  • Configurable POS Hot Keys for fast lookups
  • Automated messaging and upsell functions
  • Many discount and promo options
  • Built in tag and label designer
  • Powerful item, department, and vendor reporting