CAP Integrated Payment Solutions Simplify Payment Processing

Integrating your credit, debit, gift and other card processing with your point of sale is a must in a fast paced retail environment. Integrated payment solutions eliminate the need for clerks to key in dollar amounts and authorization codes, and they also eliminate extra fees, incorrectly rung transactions, and additional complexity for retailers.

Use one of CAP’s integrated payment processing options to simplify card acceptance at the point of sale. Integrated processing saves you money every month, and we help keep your customers’ data safe and secure.

CAP is fully EMV or “Chip and PIN” enabled as of October 2015, depending on the processor you use, so contact CAP to get an EMV compliant solution today.

Our payments engine is ‘out of scope’ of PCI meaning CAP never handles your customers’ card data.  We rely on our technology partners and processing partners to secure the data and process your card transactions seamlessly, speeding up your operations and simplifying your path to PCI compliance.

See SellWise Pro in Action!

Click to watch a video of SellWise Pro for the specialty retail market, with details on how it helps you manage contacts, inventory, reporting, vendors , purchasing, and point of sale.

Datacap NETePAY

A proven software solution to route transactions to the processor of your choice for a variety of pin pads and other payment devices. Datacap Systems develops and markets innovative integrated payments solutions for any Point of Sale – including PC-based, embedded, browser-based, unattended, and mobile POS.

PAX Technologies

PAX provides payment terminals that connect directly to a hosted payment gateway, eliminating any additional software layers on the point of sale, enabling fast, secure transactions for a variety of retail environments. Building on its service excellence and proven leadership position, PAX is considered one of the fastest growing payment solution providers with world-class manufacturing and R&D capabilities and a growing sales and channel partner network across the globe.

Heartland Payments

Heartland serves businesses of all sizes and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Fairness and transparency are our core values. We created the Merchant Bill of Rights to promote fair payment processing practices on behalf of small to mid-sized business owners. We focus on customer relationships and take pride in serving as your advocate.

Sterling Payment Technologies

Sterling offers an integrated payment processing solution that keeps the POS out of the scope of PCI using encrypted customer facing terminals from PAX Technology. Sterling is an innovative, customer-focused payment processor headquartered in Tampa, FL.  Sterling provides merchants with a complete range of electronic payment services, including credit, debit, PIN debit, fleet, gift card, and proprietary rewards and loyalty programs.  Sterling is a market leader in combining POS technology and value-added merchant solutions.

*Please note, all Vantiv installations must use end-to-end encrypted MSRs and Pinpads. Contact CAP for ordering assistance


Unmatched, all-in-one payment solutions Mercury® is in the business of helping businesses prosper. Accept all payment types securely and continuously with their do-it-right payment technology. Their award-winning products and services include 24/7 U.S. based support, loyalty programs, unlimited gift card transactions, real-time transaction reports and more. Plus, with 99.99% uptime, you’ll always be ready to make a sale.

World Pay

WorldPay is a leading, single-source provider of electronic payment processing services. WorldPay brings expertise and resources to securely process millions of transactions every day. Processing payments for more than 400,000 businesses, WorldPay manages the entire processing experience in-house—transaction authorization, settlement of funds and customer service unlike many of WorldPay’s competitors who are only resellers.